Why Choose AMS?

When undergoing a delicate surgical procedure, such as spinal cord or brain surgery, you want someone with experience to be able to monitor your nervous system function. Our board certified or board eligible technologists are trained to manage complications that may arise during your surgery. We work closely with your surgeon to reduce or eliminate problems that may result in post-operative long-term nerve injury. We offer various types of monitoring to ensure your safety during the surgical procedure. If your surgeon has not mentioned using neural monitoring during your brain or spine surgery, simply inform your surgeon that you would like AMS to monitor and supervise your procedure. Please visit our monitoring modality services page to learn more about our offerings. Learn more about neurologist real-time supervision

What you can expect

AMS case assignment is always ordered by your surgeon. Our team of technologists will prepare you for monitoring services prior to your surgery. The technologists assigned to your case will meet you before you are taken into the OR. There will be an introduction and a summary of the modalities that the surgeon has requested to be conducted. The technologists will go over your patient rights and a “consent to treat” document that will require your signature. Also, the technologists will ask you medical and surgical history questions that will be submitted into the IONM medical records report for interpreting physician use. You will then have some sticky pad electrodes placed on your extremities over specific nerve stimulation sites, usually at the ankles and the wrists. Once you are transported to the OR and positioned for surgery under anesthesia maintenance, additional electrodes will be placed on you to complete the recording set-up. Once the surgery is complete and all IONM testing is concluded, our technologists will remove all stimulating and recording electrodes from your body. Other than minimal skin irritation, IONM testing is virtually painless.

We care about your current and future well-being. Don’t take unnecessary risks without Advanced Monitoring Services.