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We do our work to make a difference in your patient’s lives.

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AMS is different than any vendor you work with.

We care competently.

The best training, technique and equipment utilized in IONM today underpin the AMS approach. You will recognize the difference when supported by an AMS intraoperative tech. We make it our practice to understand your needs and preferences and deliver those flawlessly, consistently every time.

  • 100% CNIM board certified technologists provide our knowledgeable approach, expertise and experience. Continuing education is critical to our technologist’s success within AMS.
  • We work seamlessly with your OR staff, making the case and the day run more smoothly and safely. The consistency of highly-skilled AMS staff quickly build trust and rapport.
  • Efficient communication with you during surgery enables immediate action/resolution.
  • Each and every case is reviewed by our internal AMS Quality Assurance team to ensure a correct medical record, provide feedback to our team and drive continual improvement. We welcome the opportunity to share this information with you.


Interpreting Physician

Each and every case will be supported by a licensed neurologist, credentialed in your facility, who will serve to interpret the real-time data. This will be achieved through a secure, HIPAA-compliant internet connection established by the AMS technologist in the OR. The Interpreting Physician (IP) and technologist will be in communication before surgery begins and continually during the case. This allows for dialogue and alerts with recommendations for medical intervention if changes in test results should occur.

IP oversight is best practice:

  • CMS guidelines require that data be interpreted by a physician real-time
  • If there is not an IP the hospital and surgeon may become liable for not providing standard of care. The surgeon becomes liable for oversight of the technologist.